Posted: June 14th, 2021

BBP-Part 3/Becoming A Better practitioner

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Part 3 – Final Report (25 points). Client System Summaries – (client demographic information, presenting concern, primary goal(s) of your work) (1 paragraph each). For students reporting on single contact roles and groups, please provide an overall summary across clients or distinct groups of clients that you worked with.
Summary of data – Use a combination of graphs and qualitative description. Draw conclusions about your practice (did the quality of your work improve, decline, or remain the same?). Please describe three occasions in which you allowed client feedback or data to guide your practice (Refer to specific sessions or dates). For each occasion, please describe: 1) What feedback or data you received, 2) how you replied in that moment (if in-person), and 3) What changes you made to your practice as a result of their feedback.  Be VERY SPECIFIC here about what was said and what you changed. I need to be able to see what you changed. Global phrases such as “I became more sensitive” will not work here. (3 paragraphs).  BBP Part 1 will be shown to the individual who completes this assignment so that you can have a better understanding of what to do.

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