Posted: May 28th, 2021

Based on the alchemist

Highlighted Reading Skills and Strategies: Active Critical Reading
Reading Activity:

Students are to apply active reading skills to The Alchemist.
Students are to go to “OER Required Material by Week” on Blackboard and read and
discuss in class material found under “Week 8”, which offers “Quality Tools: The Cause and Effect Diagram”.

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Based on the alchemist
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Writing Style: Cause and Effect Essay
Prompt: When students preread and preview the book The Alchemist they learn the maincharacter is traveling in search of a fortune. Santiago, the book’s protagonist, meets manypeople during the story, and everyone impacts his life differently.
In a five (5) paragraph essay use the cause and effect pattern of organization to discuss how aking, a gypsy woman, and an Englishman impact Santiago’s life.
Student Learning Outcome:

Use prereading and reading skills
Identify a pattern of organization through use of key words and phrases.
Demonstrate ability to apply a pattern of organization
Demonstrate knowledge of MLA writing guidelines
Use fictional textual support from one author in an essay

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