Posted: June 3rd, 2021


The allure of Concerns’ story-telling Lies In her ability to constantly introduce readers Into conflicting states of emotion. Clearly, while the subject’s optimism Is consistent throughout the first paragraph, critical readers can detect subtle shifts In feelings which range from sheer exhilaration (as she describes her Barbie’s Item with great fondness: ‘evening elegance In black glitter strapless gown’, puffy skirt at the bottom like a mermaid tail’, etc. To slight disappointment (from so much dressing and undressing, the black glitter wears off where her ditties stick noun and eventual solace (shown by her contentment with the self-made clothes). The light tone in “Barbie-Q” is of premium archetype, as the young girl’s voice radiates enthusiasm and urgency. The pace in the first paragraph constantly picks up while the readers’ emotion is dragged down. The initial tension heightens as readers see the protagonist’s wish-list gets longer and longer, until she resorts to her own means n order to curb the fervor.
The little narrator In “Bearable-Q” captures us In many ways. The lists she employed are rich In details as If everything Is read off from the labels. Her Insatiable desire to fill up her doll collection is not hidden. Is she an observant storyteller, or a fashions? Readers can split in opinions, but the young girl’s obsession is inarguably not a matter of dispute. And while one may initially question, condemn and hold her fascination in negative light, the protagonist’s motivated actions slowly make sense to the audience as the story unfolds.
Her deprived world explains the playing habit and the tinge of Jealousy she tries to mask. Too child who has yet to enter school, a toy can be anything tangible. Unfortunately, such carefree consciousness is quickly reshaped when he Is exposed to the society and quickly sees himself being subjected to Its taste and sense of “perfection”. Yes, the story talks about superficial values. However, It Is the underlying aspiration of the protagonist to fit In and being normal, even temporarily, that makes this piece striking. The metaphorical Barbie doll is just a medium to criticize this unfair

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