Posted: June 21st, 2021

Avid Exiting

There are many reasons why I wish to get out of the Avid program. I personally feel like this class isn’t helping me in any way shape or form, I know I’ll do fine without Avid and I want to do electives which I would actually enjoy and would make my remaining two years of high school memorable. This year would be my third year in Avid. My past two years of Avid have not been enjoyable nor have they helped me.
There’s been many cases where I needed help on a question, and would wrote it down as a tutorial question; I stopped doing that once I realized how uncooperative the students were, I would only be helped if a tutor was in our group which was unlikely due to the low amount of tutors we have. The questions other students would write were in no way beneficial to them or the group because they already knew the answer too them. Although some questions were deceiving with their length or appearance to make the question look ‘hard’ they really weren’t.
The students would go up and answer it within a minute and sit back down without explaining; when I wanted an explanation I would get it, but with attitude for them not wanting to at least explain how they solved the problem. This irritated me so I soon chose to Just go to tutoring when I needed any sort of help. Although I see why Avid is a well-recognized program, Vie personally had no benefit from it. It’s because of this that I predict exiting from the program won’t affect me.

I know Avid will look good in my college transcript but I don’t worry about that since I have pretty good grades and keep them that way. When I need help, I can always go to my teachers for tutoring, as I already do. I’m aware that this is a new ear and a fresh start but if it’s the same thing all over again, I know I would regret staying in the program for yet another year. The only reason Vie chosen to stay in Avid the past two years want to please people who encouraged me to stay but now I shall take a stand for myself.
I only have two years left of high school and I want them to be memorable. I want to Join the electives I actually want to be in like culinary arts or yearbook. Vie built up such a negative vibe towards Avid, I’ll only people down if I do stay. Vie been told that as an Avid student I should feel, “Lucky because there is a list of people waiting to Join Avid hat actually want to be in here and work”. My exiting won’t affect me or the program.
Someone who I know will be a great addition to the program would simply replace I respect people’s opinions of why I should stay in Avid but getting out of Avid won’t stop me from being successful. I have high expectations for myself and I know I will strive with or without Avid; and in the end it’s my choice. I am responsible for myself and what I believe is best for me, along with my parent’s of course. My decision is made and I hope I’m given the opportunity to exit the program. By Griswold

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