Assignment: Reflection: Today’s World Citizen

Classmate one:
The most important element from my project is civil rights since it is ongoing issue that affects everyone. Civil rights need to be monitored for women, people of color and other minorities that are subject to discrimination. For instance, women are still being paid less than men. African Americans are being racially profiled by the police and others. Civil rights are being violated for those of the Muslim faith and Christians are being chastised and discriminated against because of their religious beliefs. Civil rights violations are driving several issues that weaken previously earned freedoms.  As the old saying says: “Freedoms are not free”. There is a price to pay for everything.   Injustice is the basis of unrest and a society that is in turmoil  (Axford, & Huggins (eds.),2011).   The civil right protests of the 1960s made everyone aware that African Americans were not being fairly along with discriminatory practices towards other races. Countries that continue to have serious civil rights violations are slowing positive change and growth possibilities in their country both in tourism, commerce and in other areas. 
     Civil rights globally relate to human rights violations. Injustices are a worldwide problem and is my number one pick of importance because of the long-range consequences that are involved. The issue of civil rights was addressed by the United Nations in 1945 after atrocities were so prevalent during World War II against Jews and other ethnicities (Reilly, 2012, p. 207). Millions of Jews were killed while many did nothing and this is why human rights and civil rights violations should be monitored and a top priority in all countries. Turning a blind eye to abuses is a dangerous thing.
         Slavery, severe mistreatment and putting people in camps were all violations of peoples civil rights. Even the US put its Japanese citizens in camps during the Second World War. This was a violation of human and civil rights. This was a dark piece of our history. I chose civil rights as the most important since this has continued to be a problem on varying levels. For instance, civil rights violations are often two steps forwards and one step back.
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Classmate two:
Last weeks final project allowed me to narrow down one of the most important elements of the 20th century. After reading my classmates assignments and comparing the differences, I concluded that Global economy was the most important element. The period in which political and economic transformation happened was post-communism. New governments wanted to produce a system in which the prices for goods and services are self-controlled by an open market and its consumers. These advancements created a better economy and open markets still effect the world today. A few communist states had experienced economic reforms. Going from planned economy to an economic system in which investments, production, and distribution are determined by supply and demand. A socioeconomic class’s standard of living is the things available to them by the area they inhabit. Some populations were in dire need while others bounced back considerably. “During the twentieth century, state authorities in capitalist societies learned how to use their taxing and spending policies and adjustments in the supply of money to moderate the ups and downs of their economies. They proved increasingly willing to regulate banks, stock markets, and factories to protect their citizens from earlier abuses. And they constructed various kinds of welfare measures— unemployment insurance, national health care programs, minimum-wage laws, and tax breaks for the poor— to provide a measure of social and economic security in the face of unpredictable market forces” (Reilly,2012). Certain advancements were created to ensure lower class citizens were able to afford their way of life. These advancements still exist and the impact today. Medicaid, Food assistance, and unemployment stipend options are available for those that qualify.
Reilly, Kevin. 

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Assignment: Reflection: Today’s World Citizen
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The Human Journey: A Concise Introduction to World History, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2012. ProQuest Ebook Central,
Created from waldenu on 2019-11-03 16:58:09.

Twentieth Century Top Element
Out of the top three list of elements that played a key role or rather largely influence the 21st century is technology advancement and innovations. Changes and advancements in technology have largely influenced different aspects of life for humans (Murphie & Potts, 2017). Take the case of the internet which has opened up the world of communication by creating a source for reference for people. Most people are at this moment able to connect to the internet and search for a variety of information that has to enable them to access valuable information that has improved their way of living. 
Similarly, technology advancements and innovations have indirectly played a key role in the improvement of different aspects of human life in the 21st century including medical life. Advances in technology have subsequently resulted to improvement in medical technology which is key in improving the lives of people in the 21st century (Murphie & Potts, 2017).. Take the case of artificial intelligence which is an evolutionary technology that gives machines precision and human-like point of view in performing tasks. This type of technology has helped in different ways including improving medical devices to act with precision hence improving the accuracy of processes such as diagnosis and in some cases even surgeries (Demko, 2018). Consequently, an improvement in the medical field has improved the living conditions of humans in the 21st century and fostered more innovation.
Out of all the changes and influences that have been witnesses in the 21st century, advancements in technology have been key and influential in impacting the lives of people in the current century. These changes have both, directly and indirectly, influenced other elements hence the impact that it has had. Therefore, in my view, it is one of the greatest and most impactful elements that has largely influenced the 21st century

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The assignment:
• By Day 4, review two other classmates’ most important element displayed in the Discussion 1: Top Element area, and begin evaluating the roles and responsibilities of today’s world citizen by addressing the following questions:
o How did their elements differ from your choice?
o Were any elements a surprise? Why or why not?
 Did any of the other elements listed make you think differently about citizenship, values, or globalization based on how your peers perceived the impact of their choices on the future? Why or why not?
o Now that you are a more informed citizen, will this new knowledge change your behavior? How and why or why not?
o How will this knowledge affect your daily life/work life?


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