Power Point– Diversity Awareness & Self Reflection
To Prepare: Attend an open event in your community related to a diverse social identity (gender identity/expression, race/ethnicity, class, religion, ability, sexual orientation, national origin, or age). Then, create a PPT presentation and record the presentation using
the CaptureSpace function of Kaltura Media (see Kaltura Media Uploader linked in the classroom for instructions on using this technology). Use the Presentation feature to record both your PPT and a video of yourself presenting.
a 7-10 minute recorded PowerPoint presentation. In the PPT presentation, address the following prompts:
• Describe the cultural event in which you participated.
• Explain how this experience influenced your perceptions of diversity and difference.
• Analyze at least 3 key concepts from this course in relation to this experience.
• Define what it means to you to engage with diversity and difference in practice.
• Describe two challenges associated with discussing and reflecting on diversity related content.
• Describe one strategy to address these challenges.
• Identify one positive emotion and one negative emotion that surfaced during the past 10 weeks of the course.
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Week 10
Age Diversity
• Describe one strategy to address the negative emotion in order to continue developing cultural awareness.
• Explain specific steps that you will take to advance human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice based on what you have learned in this course.

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