Posted: June 20th, 2021

Assignment 2: LASA 2: Company Assessment

Conduct an interview with an employee (preferably a supervisor or manager) at your current job or a previous job. If you have no prior work experience, you may interview a family member or friend who is currently employed.  You have just been promoted to the manager of your department and have been asked to review the following:
Value of a team environment: Is the company operating with a team structure?  How effective is the team structure?  How could the company improve the effectiveness of the team environment?  If there is no team structure currently in place, how should one be implemented?  
Job satisfaction of the employees: Are the employees satisfied or is there a lot of complaining, absenteeism, and turnover?  What could the company be doing to improve job satisfaction?
How does the company currently communicate with their employees regarding company changes?  Do they rely on technology for their announcements?  Is this an effective method of communication?
Efforts made to motivate your employees: What is being done to motivate the employees? Do employees get regular pay raises?   Is there a rewards program?  Are they being recognized for their accomplishments?  Name at least three things the company could be doing to motivate their employees.
Assistance offered in helping your employees to deal with stress management: Are the employees given any tools to deal with stress management?  Does the company have access to mental health counselors?  Are employees given permission to take any mental health days?  What could the company be doing to help employees deal with their employees’ stress?
Prepare a 4-6 page report that includes an overall assessment of how each of the above is currently being handled and how you would change the system.  Be sure to provide examples and be specific in your reasoning behind your suggested changes.  Utilize at least three scholarly resources in your report (one of which may be your text book). This report must include:
Executive Summary
Analyze and explain what is being done in the five areas described above (team, job satisfaction,  communication, motivation, and stress management) in the company.
Write recommendations for what they could be doing better in all five areas
Appendix: List of questions asked in interview
The paper must be well organized using headings and subheadings.  

The written report must be in APA format, have proper punctuation and grammar, as well as free of typographical error.  

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Assignment 2: LASA 2: Company Assessment
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All materials used must be cited correctly and listed on a reference page.
Submit your assignment to the M5: Assignment 2 Dropbox by Monday, September 11, 2017.
Assignment 2 Grading Criteria 
Maximum Points
Write a summary of the scenario and the focus of this paper.
Analyze and explain what is being done in the five areas (team, job satisfaction, communication, motivation, and stress management) in the department.
Write recommendations for what they could be doing to improve in all five areas in the company. 
Writing Components (20% of LASA 2 grade) 
Organization (16 points): Introduction, Thesis, Transitions, and Conclusion.
Usage and Mechanics (16 points): Grammar, Spelling, and Sentence structure.
APA Elements (24 points): Attribution, Paraphrasing, and Quotations.
Style (8 points): Audience, and Word Choice.

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