Posted: June 22nd, 2021

Assignment 2: Case Study

Read the following article:
Agostinho, S. (2004). Naturalistic inquiry in e-learning research. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 4(1), Article 2. Retrieved Dec. 16, 2005, from
Read the article and respond to the following:

Critique the process of data analysis that was conducted in the original research, as described in the journal article.
In the original research upon which this article is based, the researcher indicated that dominant themes were identified, and the themes were clustered into categories. Critique the underlying inductive logic utilized to analyze the data.
Discuss the researcher’s rationale, as described in the journal article, of adopting a naturalistic inquiry paradigm with regard to the process of data collection and analysis.

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Assignment 2: Case Study
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By the due date assigned, submit your 1-2 page response as a Microsoft Word document to the Submissions Area. Name your file R7035_M6_A2_Lastname_FirstInitial.doc. 

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