Posted: June 22nd, 2021

Assessing A Student

In education the main approach of an assessment is to determine what students have learned in a course or program. By determining what and how students learn teachers can oversee student progress, clarify student’s strengths and weaknesses, and keep a journal of these results to better help students. Second grade students are assessed to simply find the areas of struggles in their learning.
I created and conducted an assessment on a second grader; the results were to my opinion normal. Creating an assessment based on the common core math standards for a second grader proved very informative. Many second graders are tested on the knowledge that they already know or have learned from their previous grade, I found that in doing this assessment most of the information was familiar to the student, and for the most part much of it was understood.
As the assessment continued the student began to show little signs of weakness towards counting money, but he showed strengths of being able to recognize each coin and the value of those coins. Conducting assessments helps teachers to remove the guesswork out of how their students learn and allows them to begin to put together methods and strategies to be able to reach these students and help them stay on top of their learning.

In creating the assessment chart I was able to identify the common core standards and compare what level the student should be on and what level that actual student is on in their learning abilities. The standards help with keeping the teacher and the student on a focused path. Being able to chart the results from the assessment gave me the idea of creating a journal for students; this will help with learning progress and minor set backs in the individual student.
Setting goals in learning is most important for each student and the teacher, the journal will help both teacher and students stay on top of these goals. I learned that it is very helpful, and important for teachers to conduct review sessions, these sessions will help struggling students build strength in their weak areas of learning. In conclusion, learning assessments are necessary for both student and teacher, and good idea must first start with a plan and I believe this is what a learning assessment will accomplish.
Students need help in being guided in the right direction towards being successful in their learning career, teachers need plans to help be able to guide students in positive learning directions, I believe that the solution to both of these directional paths are conducting assessments and gathering the results of these assessments. Understanding and comprehending taught lessons are key elements to students, and the more a teacher knows about how their students learn the better prepared they can be to teach their students.

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Assessing A Student
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