The Fair Labor Standards Act was your supplemental reading for this unit. Answer and discuss the following questions according to the FLSA:

To be fair to everyone you must answer 2 of the questions below. You cannot answer a question that someone else has already answered so you’ll have to read discussion board posts to determine which questions are still available.

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When are pay raises required?
Is extra pay required for weekend or night work?
How is severance calculated and when is it due?
When must breaks and meal times be given to employees?
Are periodic performance evaluations of employees required?
When is overtime pay due according to the FLSA?
How many hours per day or week can an employee work?
How many hours a week or month is considered full time employment under the FLSA?
Is an employer required to provide a pay stub?
What notice must be given before an employee is terminated or laid off?

Locate a topic relevant for discussion in class this week and present it to the class in summary form. Why did you pick this particular topic and how will it enhance the learning environment in our class?


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