article review

3 Points for satisfying each of the 5 main paragraphs shown below submitted to Canvas prior to your presentation in class.  Please label each part of your response in separate paragraphs (i.e., 1-5).

Select a newspaper or magazine article dealing with Macro Economics and write a topic sentence that includes the source (underlined), author, title (in quotations), and author’s main idea.
Apply at least one concept (like GDP or stuff like that) or one fact you learned in class regarding the content of the article.
Write a minimum of 4 sentences summarizing the author’s supporting detail. Use at least 3 vocabulary words and circle them in your review.
Write one sentence identifying whether or not the author appears to be biased in his/her perspective
Write one sentence stating why you agree or disagree with the author’s perspective.

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article review
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2 Points for presenting your Article Review in class on the day you signed up to present, use visuals (Powerpoint slides), this is required.

 vocabulary words:


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