Posted: June 23rd, 2021


You stated that on Saturday, September 3. 2011 at exactly 0644 you received a call from Supervisor Everett Knight advising you that Kerry Petit, Field Office Manager canceling you from working the weekend due to weather. Is that correct?
You further stated that you were scheduled to work at Zen-Non Sunday, September 4, 2011, and you should have been called back to work when Zen-Non was allowed to work on that date. Is that correct?

At what number were you contacted for the cancellation on September 3, 2011? Is the number used to contact you the same number listed in the employee contact list at the field location which you were called from? How do you know?
How many field locations are there?
Did you have the opportunity to review your personnel contact number on the employee contact list at other field locations after September 4, 2011? Were they correct?
In what form is the employee contact information listed? Can you give a brief description?
How long have you had your current contact phone number?
Mr. Shepherd stated that he tried to reach you at (225) 622-3090 do you recognize this number? Do you know how old it maybe? Is it current? Where do you think this number came from?
Who is responsible for the establishment of employee contact lists? Have you seen an old or multiple lists at any field location?
Were you ever instructed on who you should contact in the event your contact information changes?
Did you receive calls prior to September 4, 2011, to your contact number from the New Orleans Field Office? From who?

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