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There were two main factors that led to the difference in style in the Northern and Southern Song paintings. The first was the patronage of Northern Song Emperor Huizong. His interest and support of the arts resulted in large numbers of paintings (over 6,000 pieces in the imperial collection) and likely influenced the style of painting. Not only did he personally paint and supervised court painters, his patronage meant artists were incentivized to paint in a manner that would please Emperor Huizong. Additional, court paintings often depicted subjects that supported his mandate from heaven; an example being the Five-Colored Parakeet on Blossoming Apricot Tree where the five-colored bird represented an auspicious omen during a reign plagued by natural disasters.
The Southern Song dynasty came to be after Emperor Huizong was kidnapped by the Jurchens. Though the court continued to support painters, private patronage increased. The Ma-Xia school of landscape painting came to be during this period and is a second reason for the difference in style. Ma Yuan who originated this school of style used a distinctive ax-cut brush stroke to render landscapes and favored one corner compositions. This style will appear repeatedly in works of subsequentChinese painters.

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Art summary re-write
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