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For this assignment you will choose a specific work of art, design, or visual culture from a museum and/or gallery that you believe complicates (or perpetuates) the “story” of art (think back to the Adams’ article and the various perspectives of what constitutes art). Using one of the weekly themes that we’ve covered in this course up through this point, attend a museum/gallery, select an artwork, and discuss how it exemplifies (or complicates) your selected theme (i.e. Andy Warhol at Palm Springs Art Museum and issues surrounding copying/reproduction).  
The final paper should be exactly 5-6 pages in length and comprised of the following: 
1. An Introduction (avoid generalizations/blanket statements such as ‘since the beginning of time..’ ‘art is different to everyone..’ etc. etc. – this is also where you will state your thesis). 2. Body (this is where you will discuss both the formal (if applicable) aspects of the work as well as the conceptual aspects – what is the artistic intent and how is it inevitably received? How do these things support your thesis/argument?) 3. Conclusion 
Please also be sure to use at LEAST 3-5 academic/scholarly sources (you may use the articles we’ve read in class, or, any other relevant scholarly AND peer-reviewed sources). 
Papers will be turned in via Blackboard and must be double-spaced, titled, pages numbered, correctly cited (in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style), and contain no spelling/grammatical errors. Papers that do not meet these stipulations will NOT be graded (unless other arrangements have been made directly with me) and may result in a 0 for the assignment grade. 
There are exactly 9 Reading Response/Discussion forums that you are expected to complete (4 pts each). You might notice that the discussion forums/responses are weighted near equivalence to the final paper. Due 
to the nature of this class being online, it is vital that these readings/responses are done in order to keep up with the material covered. Missing a response will likely result in falling behind, as much of the content is inter-related. Please note that responses should be at minimum 2 paragraphs (with 4-6 sentences per paragraph). You will also be responsible for responding to at least 1-2 of your peers in the discussion forum, per week. Responses that fall short of this will be graded down. Responses are due by 11:59PM on the Sunday of the week they are due (with each week’s lesson taking place between Monday – Sunday). Given the density of some of the content, it is my recommendation that you submit responses earlier in the week to allot adequate time for discussion, however, I will leave this to your discretion.  
Academic Conduct:  
Plagiarism – presenting someone else’s ideas as your own, either verbatim or recast in your own words – is a serious academic offense with serious consequences. Failure to cite published sources is considered plagiarism. Copying and pasting from a book, using information from a video/article/website verbatim is plagiarizing unless the information is properly cited. Copying and pasting work, or repeating work, from another student is plagiarism. Ignorance of what constitutes plagiarism is not an excuse for plagiarizing. Please familiarize yourself with the discussion of plagiarism in CSUSB’s Student Code of Conduct Other forms of academic dishonesty are equally unacceptable. See additional information in “Academic Procedures and Regulations” section of the CSUSB Bulletin of Courses.  
Any violation of CSUSB plagiarism pol

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