Are Women Better Listeners Than Men?

a. I think women are better listeners than men Pro: ·Women give advice from their own experiences ·Listen intently ·Women are compassionate ·Women are supportive · Want to know all the facts Con: ·They talk way too much about one thing ·Have a tendency to act all-knowing ·Annoying at times ·Show more emotion than what is needed ·Are gossipers b. Capital punishment is no deterrent to crime Pro: ·Zero percent chance they’ll kill again ·Not supporting a criminal in jail for a lifetime ·Wont get on parole and commit their crimes again ·Discouragement of crime · Closure for the surviving victims/loved ones
Con: ·Life without parole means the prisoner is taken off the streets for good ·Execution is expensive ·Innocent people may die ·Killing the killer doesn’t make the government any better ·Poor peole don’t have the income to get good defense c. “Hard” sciences such as math are more difficult than “soft” sciences such as sociology Pro: ·More prepared for life situations ·Fewer people are good at “hard” sciences in comparison to “soft” sciences ·Larger expansion of knowledge ·Being accurate ·”hard” sciences are usually less intuitively understandable than “soft” sciences Con: Missing job opportunities because less knowledge of each type of science ·Many “soft” sciences like sociology are based on observations, which, while making them seem simple, in reality makes the process of research quite difficult ·there is no objective ground for differentiation, only inclinations of different people d. The production and sale of cigarettes must be outlawed for the health of the American public. Pro: ·Decreased number of smokers ·Toxic levels of chemicals found in cigarettes and in medications (Theophylline) ·Stop underage smokers ·Stop some littering ·Saves consumers money Con: ·losing jobs for all the cigarette makers find alternate bad habits ·State losing too much money because of the amount of money cigarette sales bring in e. The university should reduce tuition for those students who maintained an A average during the previous year. Pro: ·It motivates students ·The costs will be repaid for the university by the growth of its reputation ·It makes sense from the economic point of view if we view knowledge as the product supplied by the university Con: ·It may cause tensions between students ·Grades do not always reflect the real level of knowledge f. ROTC should be made available to all students in U. S. colleges and universities Pro: It increases the possibility of choice for students ·It allows for simultaneous civil and military study ·It helps test ones prospective path in life g. The majority of American people support prayer in school Religion is an integral part of life for many Con: ·religion is a matter of individual choice ·this matter is bound to cause a lot of controversy ·if given an opportunity, various religious groups would compete for support of their particular prayer Dialogue Women appear to be better listeners than men because they’re naturally compassionate, and they have a built-in nurturing spirit that makes them feel like they’re born counselors.
They’re focused on what’s being said because they want to know all the fine details, whereas men are primarily “head-liners” meaning they just want you to get right to the point-“just say it”. Men don’t seem to have the patience that women have when it comes to listening; they’re moved by what they see, t whereas women are moved by what they hear. Men are usually of few words, and they expect you to read in-between those few words to see exactly what it is they’re trying to say.

This is their way of saying that they’re really listening and they really care. I feel the one thing that women should not do is over-dramatize, becoming very emotional, which can sometimes be viewed as a turn-off, even though it’s a part of their nature. I can’t actually say that women are better listeners than men, they just seem like it since they use more words, and relate from their own life experiences, which makes the person speaking feel as though that woman is really paying attention to what’s being said.

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Are Women Better Listeners Than Men?
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