Arab Spring: Overview

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In order to eliminate the autocratic regimes that were in control of their nations ‘destinies, many countries In the Middle East engaged In a revolution for freedom. Beginning In Tunisia, protesters In other countries of the Middle East gathered in a popular movement, known as the Arab Spring. Although the purpose of the Arab Spring movement to obtain freedom can be considered successful, the political situation in the countries associated with this type of movement Isn’t the best. As mentioned In the article, a leader of opposition

In Tunnels was assassinated recently, on top of the several killings that previously took place in the country. Another nation, Libya, is facing similar problems it did with the old regime. Even though Shady is no longer the ruler, the country is still experiencing political instabilities due mainly to the lack of dialogue. As mentioned in the article, the Middle East still get a poor number of translated books per year, proving Its non-lintiest In teaching the populace various topics to favor debates. Like several countries In the Middle East, Israel shows a strong consideration for public opinion. In fact, the country’s values for people ‘rights originated from the Talmud, which supports the learning of history; philosophy and other great topics that would enable people to better understand today’s society. Perhaps by applying great principles from the Quern, without any distortion of its content, Arab-Spring affiliated countries may possibly learn the vitality of having freedom of speech. Salary to Jews, these Muslims may also refer to Abraham’s

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