Applying Your Strategic Planning Skills

In this project, we bring the elements of strategic planning to life and examine real entertainment businesses dealing with strategy situations.
After completing this assignment, you will be able to:

Describe a company’s strategic goals, challenges, and plans.
Explain the strengths of the strategy.
Determine the impact the strategy will have on the areas of marketing, human resources, finance, technology, and organizational structure.
Recommend improvements to a company’s strategy.
Identify performance indicators showing the success or failure of a company’s strategy.

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Applying Your Strategic Planning Skills
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It is important to apply the concepts of strategic planning to build your competence and confidence as you go forward in the entertainment business industry. This project enables you to see the valuable application of strategic planning theories and concepts in everyday business.

Be sure to complete preparation assignments 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3.

Materials Needed

Computer with an internet connection
Keynote or PowerPoint software
This project requires adding an audio narration to your slides

Adding audio narration to Keynote Slides
If you are using Keynote, please watch the following video tutorial if needed: Make a Narrated Video in Keynote 2013. This video tutorial for the 2013 version of Keynote works exactly the same for the newest version of Keynote.
Adding audio narration using PowerPoint:
If you are using PowerPoint as your presentation software, watch the LinkedIn Learning video if needed: Adding Audio, which is part of Learning PowerPoint 2016 by John Garrick Chow.
All LAFS students have access to LinkedIn Learning (formerly called If you are asked to sign up for a “Free Trial,” do not use the Free Trial option, instead just sign in using your LA Film email address.
1.  Research an entertainment company that has been in the news recently for something related to strategic planning.
2.  Summarize the situation in your own words, describing the strategic goals and challenges the company is facing and its plans.
3.  What do you see as the strengths of the strategy?
4.  What impact will the strategy have on the areas of marketing, human resources, finance, technology, and organizational structure? Explain your answer.
5.  What would you recommend the company do differently with its strategy? 
6.  What would be the performance indicators showing whether the strategy is ultimately successful or not?
7.  Provide links to the sources you utilize in your research.
8.  Develop an audio-visual presentation including images, text, and narration using Keynote or PowerPoint. Your presentation should include your description, analysis, and recommendations for the entertainment company strategy you selected. You should also apply the concepts and terms you have learned about in the course.


Your Keynote or PowerPoint Video should be named as follows: LastName_FirstInitial_AssignmentTitle (for example, McDermott_R_Application)
Upload your presentation to the Completion box below.


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