Applied anthropology: Research that shapes our culture

Research a community impacted by war and produce a 5-minute vlog (can include pictures and videos) that considers the ways that mass violence has impacted the culture of that community and/or the way that community’s culture has shaped its war history. You are not expected to provide definitive answers about how war might have impacted gender identity or the body/health of the population for example, but you can draw on readings about gender or medical anthropology to consider the types of questions that might be important to consider in the community you are researching. The goal of this vlog is to demonstrate that you can think anthropologically about the socio-cultural impacts of war for the community you research. Keep in mind that both “community” and “culture” are open-ended terms; how you define them will be part of the challenge of the project. Also include a detailed outline of the vlog, including articles and sources you draw on for your production. The purpose is to develop and use your voice in a manner that applies the ideas to current events, including ongoing efforts by numerous communities worldwide living with the legacies of mass violence.

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Applied anthropology: Research that shapes our culture
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