Any one Memo from the following topics, the link is for the referrence

Write a 3-6+ page memo on one of the following topics:
Memo Topic #1: Memo Proposing a Start Up Business: a Mini Business Plan.

Use the Sequoia Capital “Writing a Business Plan” Outline (see link below). Select a business you’d like to start and write the memo using the Sequoia Capital Business Plan Outline. You’ll need at least 1 paragraph for each of the 10 guide points referenced in the Sequoia article:

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Any one Memo from the following topics, the link is for the referrence
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Memo Topic #2: Memo Outlining the Process to Start a High Potential Startup Business

This is a general “How-To” paper about starting a business. It’s all about content you can find in the linked Sam Altman “Playbook” article (link below). You’ll need at least 1 paragrah for Parts I, II and III.  Part IV will need 6-8 paragraphs

Memo Topic #3: Memo naming and describing the Technology you think will make a major difference in business in the next 5-10 years.

Select a technology that you think will be very important in the next 5-10 years. The Memo outline should cover:

Name the Technology
Describe what the technology is and what it does.
Describe the industry that the technology is part of.
What are the changes the technology will cause.
Describe why you think the technology will cause important changes.
Estimate the size of the financial changes caused by the technology.

NOTE #1: USE THE BUSINESS MEMO FORM- Remember: Use the Business Memo form (much like email):
TO:  Professor 
FROM: (Your Name)
DATE: (Date you submit the paper)
RE: 1 line summary statement of what the paper is about
(e.g. “Motorcycle Startup Business Plan” or “Quantum Computing- Major Technology Change for Weather Prediction”)
(your memo)
(References when used, should be added at the end of your memo).


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