Initiating tips–put ice on face before putting moisturizer on as it helps skin absorb the ingredients sleep on silk pillow Unionized alkaline watt I stand on my head every day for five minutes to engorge my face and head with blood and keep a youthful look “Use sunscreen even on days you don’t think the sun Is out: Skin cancer Is a silent killer. Know the difference between VA and PUB. And remember, It takes 30 minutes for the sunscreen to activate.

Fewer wrinkles and sun spots, and less of a risk of cancer “l take 10 breaths, three times per day (in through nose, out through mouth), at a 2 to-3 ratio. For example, breath in four seconds, then breath out six seconds. Focusing on your exhale releases more toxins, and allows more oxygen in cells. And when you’re working out, do two to three all-out bursts for 12 seconds each during cardiac… His can strengthen the inner membrane of mitochondria, which slows or reverts deterioration of cells… “Wet (but don’t drain) caffeinated tea bags and freeze. Use the frozen tea bags on closed eyes for 20 minutes three times a week to reduce dark circles, puffiness, and disconsolation. Tea bags can be any brand but MUST have caffeine, which does the work. ” prevents deterioration of cells. “Wet (but don’t drain) caffeinated tea bags and freeze. Use the frozen tea bags on work. ”

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