Go to (Links to an external site.) .Enter the location of the place (city, zip code, etc) from which you are “calling in” into the search bar on the map. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can put in the address of UC Santa Cruz (1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064)
On whose land is this point on the map located? What can you find out about their history? What is the legal status of the land in question? Who are the various caretakers of the land up to this point? What are people doing now? It might take some additional research to find the correct name of the land you are on and not the settler name. 
Please submit your findings. You will be graded for completion towards your participation grade. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR SPECIFIC ADDRESS IN YOUR SUBMISSION.
 *If you aren’t located in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand or northern Scandinavia: find out what languages have historically been spoken in the area where you live. What languages are spoken now? Who speaks them? What language is taught in schools? In what language are government documents, newspapers, television, advertisements, etc? What effect might it have on somebody to not be able to speak their mother language?

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