Posted: June 6th, 2021

Animal Population Control

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“It’s not a deer problem, it’s a people problem” While the causes of human and wild animal interaction are growing rapidly as human and animal population, the effects are shown in various areas. As an example deer, a species that’s population that has sky rocketed in absence of natural predators, causes traffic accidents every year as they attempt to cross U.
S. roadways. In effect our society feels like its our personal responsibility to take life away from innocent animals such as deer, stray dogs, and other overpopulated animals.The problem of overpopulation doesn’t stop in areas close to wildlife. It’s a problem in cities across the world as stray cats and dogs are sent to the local shelters to be put asleep simply because they are homeless. While these are problems for everyone in the area, reducing animal populations by hunting is cruel and inhumane. Rather than killing animals, humans should sterilize or relocate the animals in order to limit human-wildlife conflict.
Even though the deer population might be overpopulated and cause problems .I believe there are other options to solve the overpopulation rather than hunting. “It’s not a deer problem, it’s a people problem,” insists Bonnie Vlach, founder and president of the group. “People move into these posh developments alongside the park, then start complaining when the deer come out and eat their shrubs. If you just leave well enough alone, the system will regulate itself. ” Vlach brings up a great point. The deer are not at fault for living in there natural habitat.

We the humans are the ones that move into their neighborhood and trespass their backyard. Then doing that to the deer we complain and kill them for doing what they were born to do. Instead of hunting to solve our problems we could try some other options. Sterilization of the does is an option that many areas have tried and works just takes time. Although pro-hunters argue this isn’t as efficient as hunting, it still helps without taking life from a living animal. It keeps the population at a stand still until it lowers at least.There is relocation, but most would not recommend it.
The whole process is about $400-$600 per deer, and only 40% of the deer survive. This option isn’t the best out there but its an option if funding is there. Another popular option is fencing to keep the deer in one area, and along with that putting natural predators in with them. So population control will happen naturally. In a statement published on its Web site, PETA expounds on that point: “Hunting has nothing to do with “conservation” or “population control”…
.If left unaltered, the delicate balance of nature’s ecosystems ensures the survival of most species. Natural predators help maintain this balance by killing only the sickest and weakest individuals. Hunters kill any animal they would like to hang over the fireplace–including healthy animals who are needed to keep the population strong. ” Not only is this a problem in wildlife areas, but in cities with cats and dogs. Animals are being killed simply because they are stray. Just like deer there are several options we all can take into action.
For example no kill shelters, these are shelters that are safe to take a pet you can no longer keep without worrying about them being put to sleep, we can all push for more of these shelters to give these homeless pets somewhere safe to go. With the money the government gives shelters instead of using it towards the injections, they could use the funds toward programs such as the SPCA’S Cat Colony Care Program, Which is a project that sterilized 2,500 cats in three years and the SPCA estimates that if those felines had not been operated on, they and their progeny would have produced more than 600,000 offspring.See that program made a difference. Euthanasia on pets do nothing but kill animals. It doesn’t stop more from being born. The CCP aims to achieve population control in many ways, including through educating the public about responsible pet ownership through media, school, and community visits. Although there’s a lot of effort to stop killing our pets, there are still thousands of homeless pets that have to be put down.
SOME 9,600,000 DOGS and cats are euthanized annually in the U. S. The good news is that, in numerous communities, this sad fact is becoming more and more unacceptable.In New York City, for instance, Animal Care & Control implemented a five-year plan to end pet euthanasia as a form of overpopulation control by 2009. Just 19 months in, fewer adoptable dogs and cats are dying in the five boroughs than at any other time in history. I feel like if we can take a stand and see those number drop for dogs and cats. Then we can do something for our wild-life friends.
Whatever happened to “thou shall not kill. ” He didn’t say murder he said kill. Killing animals is like destroying God’s artwork.Just like numerous people think killing an unborn child is immoral and unfair. Killing innocent creatures is just as wrong. Future lies within hopes of getting more no kill , or adopt a spayed an d neuter pet programs started across the nation. So one day a healthy, well-tempered, adoptable pet will never be euthanized again.
Even if your not a huge animal lover, and you don’t really believe in animal rights. You should have some compassion for animals, and ask yourself how would I like to be treated if I was a deer just doing what comes natural to me.Would you like to be shot one morning grazing in the meadow, or a puppy that was adopted then their owner abandoned you and now your alone in a shelter to be put to sleep. Maybe in the future all of this can be resolved in some way other than killing. I mean who are the real animals here? Are we the civilized people or the animals? We are the most progressive country therefore we are the future. We should act now and do something instead of waiting for something big to happen. Lets stop killing beautiful and innocent creatures and stop waiting for the future the future is today.
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