Posted: June 15th, 2021

Ancient Greek Art

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Throughout Western arch history, Greek plays a very important in the development of art, much of what Western civilization holds as valuable an arm such as the sole facial expressions and rigorous spirit of realism actually all came from Greek sculpture. The 5th through the 4th centuries BCE it was a heyday of the Greek sculpture known as the Classical period a large number of sculptures were finished during this period of time.
Discus thrower was one of the most widely known sculptures finished during the Classical period created by famous ancient Greek sculpture Myron. This work was a milestone in ancient Greek history. It indicated that Greek sculpture technique had fully matured. The discuss thrower praised the beauty of the human body. Although the original work has been lost long ago, we can still feel the vitality of the movement of the sculpture expressed from its many Roman duplicates.
The sculpture shows a naked athlete who is just going to throw out a discus. At this moment his body is fully twisted and his entire body weight is passing to the right leg. The left leg is rotated to an upright position and the toes are forced into a bent position. Both of the knees are at an obtuse angle.

He is using his right hand to hold the discus at the highest point. Open arms have been pulled over like a bubble. It’s a motionless sculpture, yet it is full of movement and rhythm work the limitation of time and space. It expresses a perfect Athenian man, a man that has a perfect body, fitness, harmony, balance, and clam in a most vivid way.
It is not only one of the most famous sculptures among Greek and Roman history, but it was also extremely influential in its time. Although the original work from Myron is already lost, many Roman replicas still indicates how highly prized by the ancient Romans people regardless of the fact that the sculptures face likes, expression, the vacant eyes, and facial muscles are not tensed or concentrated as one might expect them to be Indicated it was finished during the Classical era but it has much huge difference compared to other Classical era sculptures.
For instance, it has a completely new dynamic position, yet it is still preserved the sense of balance by moving the center of gravity to the characters right foot what the left toes support the sculpture make two arms symmetry through its head. It stands for the most advanced achievement of classical sculpture.
Myron had brought to his new aesthetic idea the refinement of mathematical precision. Curved vs. straight, smooth vs. angular, and closed vs open. It stands for an ideal great perfect man, therefore it combined the most important qualities from both classical era and Hellenistic eras. It is a man that has the perfect body, a masterwork Greek culture

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