Posted: June 24th, 2021

Analyze the Assignment Task Essay

Introduction to healthier food and Special diets. Task A- Healthier dish Traditional dish: Burger and chips with coke. Vs.. Healthier dish: Vegetarian burger with homemade chips and fruit smoothie. Traditional Dish Healthier Dish Beef burger Vegetarian burger Fried chips Homemade oven cooked chips Coke Fruit smoothie To make the dish healthier I would also- Cook the burger under the grill instead of cooking It In 011; this reduces the extra fat content. Homemade oven cooked chips
Using homemade chips that oven cooked is much healthier than deep fat frying chips as the oil used is full of saturated fat and can lead to health problems such as obesity, heart problems, only if eaten regularly. Coke Coke is high in sugar which can cause health problems such as weight gain. Even diet coke contains aspartame which is a sugar substitute, the e-numbers in the coke will cause children to become hyper. Replacing coke with a fruit smoothie will benefit your diet lots as It’s full of vitamins and very low In calories as are all of the healthier options.
Which nutritional guideline is being met? – Your GAG is being met as the calorie intake is considerably lower than if you had the traditional’ burger and chips with a coke. The recommended daily allowance for a man is around 2500 calories for a woman its 2,000 calories, an example of how many calories are in a burger, fries, and a coke from burger king Is around 1000 calories for a small portion. Sources used to find current nutritional guidelines: Information on calories- http://www. Has. UK/chi/pages/1126. Asps? Doctorate=51 &subcategoryid=165 Burger king Info http://w. NM. BC. Com/en/us/menu-nutrition/landed. HTML Info on coke http://www. Coca-cola. Co. UK. ‘health/gather-coca-cola-labouredly. HTML benefit from using healthy dishes because people that are health conscious will decide to come and eat there which will increase the restaurants revenue also healthy eating has increased more into the public eye that it was a few years ago.

The customers will benefit from the new healthy dishes because: The customer will infinite from eating the new healthy dish because they’ll be having a healthier option which will be part of their balanced diet which you need. Consequences of not using healthier ingredients for the restaurant and customers include: The restaurant won’t be seen as up market The restaurant won’t be seen as appealing The customers may decide not to eat at the restaurant because it’s not promoting healthy meals. As a result the restaurant will lose revenue and may become bankrupt.

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Analyze the Assignment Task Essay
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