An Inconvenient Truth

In “An Inconvenient Truth” former Vice President Al Gore discusses concerns about global warming, which he labels as a pressing issue, in documentary form. Gore has been an environmental activist for years, and claims to have first learned of the evidence of global warming in the 1970s.

After leaving public office he has dedicated his life to making large, or small, changes in U.S. laws and lifestyles to help avoid the coming environmental crisis.

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An Inconvenient Truth
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“An Inconvenient Truth” is essentially a recording of Gore’s multimedia presentation in which he presents the facts of global warming, explains the effects it is already having on our environment, considers the disaster that could occur if the world does not act. He claims that both governments and citizens have to cooperate to save the future of the Earth, both for us and for future generations.
The movie relates to Biology class in that it details the problems that man has caused for the environment, and the future effects. Individuals can have a major impact on global climate change.
Making good choices that reduce one’s family’s heat-trapping emissions does not mean forgoing modern conveniences; it means making intelligent decisions and using energy-efficient products that may require an additional investment up front, but often pay you back in energy savings within a couple of years.
Because Americans produce 5.6 tons of heat-trapping emissions on a per capita basis—more than twice the amount of western Europeans—we can all make good choices that will greatly reduce our families’ contributions to global warming.
“An Inconvenient Truth” details all this and more. It is evident that humans are contributing to global warming, yet we can also make an effort to contribute to solving the problem The movie is extremely informative and is a call to action, not just for environmentalists, but for the average, everyday, you and I.


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