Posted: June 4th, 2021

American History essay

Answer two (2) of the following three (3) questions.
Specify which questions you are answering.
Follow the directions as stated in the formatting sheet which can be found in the lessons section.
The exam must be posted in text, word or PDF format. If I cannot open the exam a grade of “F” will be assigned. Late exams will NOT be accepted.
Be specific in your answer and use examples.
Do not simply cut and paste long sections from the notes, textbook, or any other source.
If sources other than the textbook or notes are used, they must be sourced. Also, any quotes used must have a note.
Each question should be a minimum of four (4) full pages not including and source page.

Did Great Britain lose more than it gained from its victory in the French and Indian War? Describe the response of the colonists to the British policy from 1763 to 1776. How did this effect the American Colonies? Did Great Britain have an alternative path?
Was George Washington the “indispensable” man for the revolution and as the first President of the country? What was his impact in the Revolution? Discuss the presidency of George Washington and include examples of his domestic and foreign policies. Do these examples help or hurt the new nation?
Describe and analyze the consequences of the exchange of goods, technology, and bacteria between the Old and New Worlds. How did this affect the American Colonies and then the United States? Did geography greatly affect the development of colonial America?

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