I would have to identify the character Desiree.  I chose Desiree for the reason being is she was told by Armand “the baby is not white therefore you are not white” (pg. 445).
Before all the excitement of the White/Black debate between Desiree and Armand, Armand was the happiest person in the world for a few week.  Desiree could sense
tension in the air, but could not exactly pin point where it was coming from (pg.444 para. 5).  The great confrontation between Armand and Desiree, left Desiree to seek
guidance from and outside source (her mother Madame Valmonde).  Desiree wrote a letter asking her mother, her mothers response was “Come home to Valmonde; back
to your mother who loves, come with your child” (pg 445).  After Desiree and the child’s departure, Armand was burning the bed, cloths and all other belongings to include
letters Desiree wrote to him.  He finds a letter written from his mother to his father saying, ” night and day, I thank God for having so arranged our lives that our dead
Armand will never know that his mother, who adores him, belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery” (pg 446, last paragraph).
     The nonfiction character would have to be the gentleman who the story is written about in “A Modest Proposal”.  The gentleman has hid the fact he was gay since he was
young. The fact that his mother called him “queer” ( Article A modest proposal).  His father would call him “sissy” (Article: A modest proposal).  The fact that he fantasized
about being straight.  I was not until he was about Twenty that he finally came out to his best friend, she accepted him for him.  After the long suspense of waiting for the 
supreme court, it was announced, “Supreme Court Ruling Makes Same-Sex Marriage A Right Nationwide” (Article: A Modest Proposal).  Him and his partner went on to live
together without ever getting married.  They didn’t need a piece of paper nor a church’s blessing to stay together forever.  

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