There are certain big questions that philosophers have been puzzling over for centuries. Amazingly, many people ask these same questions in daily life. Choose one of the following six branches of philosophy below. Reflect on the central questions as related to the branch you chose.

Write an APA-formatted essay of 2-3 pages explaining the chosen branch and describing a time in your life when you have asked similar questions. Discuss the specific circumstances that brought you to your conclusions.

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Outside sources may be used but are not required for this assignment as the material is largely reflective in nature.

Select one of the following branches of philosophy and answer the following questions for your submission

What is beautiful?
Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder, or are there some things that all cultures find beautiful?
What is the purpose of art?
How can a piece of art be successful or valuable? Does beauty matter?
Make sure you cite your sources appropriately within your paper, and list them in APA format on your Reference page. Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, not counting the Title page and Reference page. In accordance with APA formatting requirements, your paper should include a Title and Reference page, should be double-spaced, and include a running head and page numbers.

Grading Criteria
Assignment Criteria
Proficient Descriptor
Identifies the selected branch of philosophy.
Briefly describes the central questions and concerns of this branch of philosophy.
/10 pts.
Statement of personal experience
Describes a time in one’s own life when he or she had asked personal questions similar to the central questions in the selected branch of philosophy.
Discusses the specific circumstances that brought him or her to ask these questions.
/10 pts.
Alignment of personal experience to selected branch of philosophy
Illustrates the association of personal questions to central questions in the selected branch of philosophy.
Delineates the answers that emerged after personally asking questions that are similar to questions in the selected branch of philosophy.
Describes the circumstances that influenced finding the writer’s personal conclusions.
/15 pts.
Reflective summary
Summarizes, based on personal experience, how people in daily life ask the same questions that philosophers ask.
/5 pts.
Grammar & Mechanics
Provides 2-3 page essay that is double-spaced, and includes a title page, reference page, running head and page numbers. Information sources are optional; if used they are clearly identified, properly cited, and referenced using APA Style.
Sentences are clear, well-articulated, and free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.
/10 pts.

/50 pts.


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