Advance Nursing Research (Literature Review Section of the EBP Project Proposal)

You will write your Literature Review Section of your EBP Project Proposal. Here is a Review of Literature Example (Word) (See Attachment to use as a model or guide). To conduct your literature review, you begin with the search strategy, gather your resources, then start writing your literature review and gap analysis.

Search Strategy
In the literature review section, you are to identify your search strategy, which can include the following:

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Advance Nursing Research (Literature Review Section of the EBP Project Proposal)
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– the databases and internet sites or search engines used to explore the literature (CINAHL, Medline, Google, Yahoo, etc.)
– the search terms you used
– the beginning and ending dates of the period covered in this study
– the time period when the search was conducted (e.g., Fall 2008)
– any special journals hand-searched and any relevant sources used in performing the literature search

Description of Literature or Gaps in the Literature
The literature review section is a review of studies that are related to your phenomenon. It should take up about eight to ten pages. The purpose is to tell the reader what is known about your phenomenon and lead the reader to what is not known about your phenomenon (your research problem). You should have sub-headings throughout this section of the paper.

The literature section discusses the relevant research related to your study. Do not discuss each study individually; instead, synthesize the literature based on your literature matrix. You can discuss individual findings of studies (include all eight studies that you described in your literature matrix in Weeks #4 (See attachment with 2 studies from week #4) and include the one you are creating this week with the other 6 studies) as appropriate including the statistical findings and study samples. This section needs to tell the reader what is known about your clinical area of interest. (My clinical area of interest: Behavioral / Mental Health. You will also summarize your review of the literature and discuss the gaps you have identified.

Assignment Instructions
Your assignment should be:
– Eight to ten pages, no cover page required, and the page count doesn’t include the references list.
– Your search strategy
– Description of articles (who, population, sample, what was done, statistical findings, limitations, and so on)
– Gaps section: the gaps you have identified from your literature search.


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