Acquiring new skills | Social Science homework help

Acquiring New Skills

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Acquiring new skills | Social Science homework help
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This discussion forum explores the training and professional development resources for instructors teaching in the online learning environment

Respond to the following questions and, as appropriate, include personal experience as part of your answers: 

  • Changes in education and technology make the task of staying up to date a challenge for most instructors. Using your own training, work, or personal experiences, provide information on two publicly accessible professional development resources for instructors in your area of expertise. Provide detailed descriptions of the resources, a reason as to why you selected each resource, and how a fellow instructor might go about accessing the resources.
  • Next, evaluate the resources you’ve described. Why do these resources help to improve the instructor’s expertise in using online learning tools?
  • Finally, add your resources to your Wiki. Remember the Wiki you created in Week Three? Add a page to your previously created Wiki and label it “Resources.” To this page add your list of resources with descriptions. In your discussion post, provide a link to your Wiki. If your Wiki has privacy settings, make sure they are set to public so your classmates can view it.


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