Abigail adams | History homework help

Please Don’t Do Abigail Adams Biography.. (Please Use 5 Pages) and Add (page extra with no cost for cite sources) Just focus on an analysis of Abigail Adams’ life and views against this historical background and should concentrate on the following questions: How and in what manner was Abigail influenced by the ideas of Fordyce who wrote a book on ”genteel Christian femininity (Chap, 2, Akers) ( Also provide a brief background on Women rights and he Revolution from the Divine text. )and then concentrate on answering the following questions:. When Abigail Adams wrote her famous letter to John Adams “Remember the Ladies”, what did she mean about woman’s rights in her message? Was she advocating the vote for women? If not what was she advocating, specifically?(Chapter 3). What did she mean and intend in her letter” “Patriotism in the Female Sex?And how is it connected to Republican Virtue?(Chap. 5) Did she advocate for political equality between the sexes or some other emphasis? What is meant by her acceptance of women “In their Proper spheres”? Be specific. Is she closer to ideas of Fordyce or those of Mary Wollstonecraft whom she admired? Explain the views of each (chap. 8). What were her religious views? Compare her religious views with those of Jefferson ? ( Chap. 9 and throughout the Akers book). Finally, as she approached old age, during and after J. Adams was president, discuss and analyze her view, at end of Akers, on ” republican womanhood”. Doe this help explain her views on women’s rights (Chap.12)

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Abigail adams | History homework help
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