A Modern Twist

It was almost five in the afternoon, and he was fixing his hair inside his bathroom. He was facing a circular mirror that was Just above the sink and he looked at his reflection, trying to see whether his face was okay. He had messy, Jet black hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. When he was finished with his hair, that would never stay fixed, he went straight downstairs. In the kitchen were his mom and dad. For some very unusual reason, he never looked like any of his parents, plus they were pale.
At times he would think of himself as Asian, but that wasn’t possible. His whole life he lived in New York and there was no way that they were related to any Asians. As he walked into the kitchen door, his dad gave him a look that made him stop. “And where do you think you’re going? Rex, we have somewhere to go to tomorrow, early morning, and I don’t want you to end up coming home four in the morning again. ” his dad said. Rex smiled and said, “Oh come on dad. That was Just one night, and everyone was having fun.
Besides, I won’t take long ‘cuz me and my friends will be going to this carnival or fair, whatever you call it. ” Then his mom gave his dad a look of approval nd he had no choice but to agree. “Okay fine. Just don’t come home late, you know how you make your mom and I worry. ” his dad said sternly. Rex felt a Jolt of relief and he hugged and kissed them both. Rex met up with his friends at the entrance to the fair. They got inside and tried out all the different booths. Rex and his friends all came from rich families, so spending money here wouldn’t be a problem.

Everything at the fair was so colourful. Filled with cool lights and amazing music, the place was a blast. Then, Rex and his friends came across one booth that looked old, dark and abandoned. Curiosity got he best of Rex and his friends and they went inside the booth, expecting to see old and dusty things. Instead, they saw a round table covered in purple cloth, and on top of it was a crystal ball. His friends started circling the table, examining it and the crystal ball, and Rex decided to follow. All of a sudden, an old woman appeared out of nowhere giving everyone a shock.
Unlike her looks, the old ladys voice was elegant, graceful. “What can I do for you handsome young men? Perhaps a look into your future, a chance to discover what sort of fate awaits you? ” the old lady said. Everyone was looking and listening to the ld lady intently. The room was so tense that Rex could hear his heart beating rapidly in his chest. “No need to pay. Anyone who is interested, please come forward and I will read your future. ” the old lady said. Then, one of Rex’s friends said, “Ah, this cant be real. Guys, this is stupid, let’s get out of here. mieah, there are other fun booths to be at. We’re wasting our time here. ” another one called out to the group. “Wait. I’d like to try. ” Rex came forward. Everyone had their eyes on him now. “Rex, you know she’s probably Just some phony psychic like the ones we see on T. V. ” said ne of his friends. mfou sure about this? ” “Of course I’m sure, besides what harm can a little fortune telling do? ” said Rex, trying to sound a lot more confident then he actually was. “Indeed, young man. My phony tricks will only take a second of your precious time. ” said the old woman.
Carefully, Rex sat on a chair opposite to the old “Clear your mind and let your thoughts run free, then gaze into the crystal ball and tell me what you see. ” At first, it looked like a gray pool was Just endlessly swirling around the ball. But, as Rex leaned in to take a closer look at the ball, images started o form. “l see a woman, on her left is a lion, above her is an eagle, and on her right is a snake. ” As soon as these words escaped Rex’s mouth, the images blended together and morphed into one. “Uh, ma’m, I think your orb’s messed up. ” said Rex. I’m not an expert in Greek myth but I’m pretty sure I’m looking at a Sphinx. ” With her eyebrows raised, the old lady peered inside the ball for a few minutes. Then, the old woman sat up straight, she looked into Rex’s eyes and said, “My dear boy, I’m afraid you are bound to suffer a very tragic fate. ” Rex felt an assortment of emotions well up inside him. He was sure none of what he had heard was true, still an unmistakable feeling of dread started to creep up his body.
The old lady went on, miou will fall in love with your mother. ” The room exploded with laughter. iou were right Martha, this is stupid. This can’t be true. ” Rex said to his friend. The old woman interrupted their fits of laughter and said, “Oh, but that is not all my dear boy, you will also be the reason for your father’s death. ” “Alright, that’s where I draw the line. ” replied Rex. “Enough of your bogus bull… guys let’s get out of this old shack! ” miou can choose to be blind to the truth. My Job is simply to give you a glimpse of your future. Now that I have, you may leave. ” the old lady exclaimed. “Tips are greatly appreciated by the way. added the old woman. “No thanks. ” answered Rex, as he and his friends exited the booth. “Hey Rex, don’t tell me you believe a single thing that old hag told you? ” his friend asked him. “Nah! Why should l? That was bogus. ” Rex said. Then one of their friends suggested that they would go to a party Just near the place where the carnival was. It was already seven in the evening. Rex was so hyped up from all the fun they were having, that he forgot hat his dad had told him earlier that day. They went to the party, had loads of more fun and enjoyed the night.
At the apartment, Rex’s dad was worried. It was already eleven in the evening and Rex hadn’t answered his phone. Suddenly, his dad felt a discomfort in his chest. He knew that it had something to do with his heart because he could no longer breathe properly. As Rex’s dad was struggling to breathe, he uttered “Rex, where are you? ” Later that evening, Rex picked up his phone. It was his mom. She said his dad suffered a massive heart attack and that he was in the hospital now. “Rex, youVe got to come here quickly! Please! said Rex’s mom in a desperate tone.
As soon as he heard these words, Rex sprinted out of the house and into the street. He hailed a cab and said “Mom, I’m so sorry! I’m on my way there, Just hold on. ” Rex’s mom started to break down and cry. “Mom? Mom! Don’t worry dad’ll be alright! He’ll be alright.. ” said Rex, trying to reassure his mom. Inside, Rex felt like a frightened little boy. He felt chills run up and down his spine. Rex remembered what the old lady from the fair had told him, mfou will be the cause of your father’s death. ” Rex thought to himself, could the old lady be telling the truth? He didn’t want to know.

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A Modern Twist
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