Posted: June 3rd, 2021

A level Unit business

The Queen Marry hospital organizational structures are done in a Matrix structure. A matrix structure is mainly to use when workers in a whole team is organized in to different things this mean that a managing director has some other worker as his assistances. This is showed in the matrix structure clearly for the NASH This is helpful because the NASH has to follow the orders from the government then senior staff then the normal staff so this whole team of worker is speared form the dead to the staff.

The advantage of using a matrix structure is that it is more detailed and would explain who is working below. Also most of the NASH will follow matrix structure to precede success and tend to meet the target. Queen Marry is a big hospital in Kent other NASH which will follow matrix structure. This is also a functional because different department have different targets. Old is hierarchical structure hierarchy is an organization structured in layers where each person has clear roles and responsibilities. SSE at the top of the hierarchy have more authority than those lower down because it is arranged in order a person who works at the checkout will have no good communication with CEO of JDK organization this is important. Everyone within the company needs to understand their role in the business’ structure also the CEO will earn a lot more than the checkout person but the finance manager and market research human resources and others who Just work below

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A level Unit business
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