9-1 Discussion: Negotiation Gambits To Use and Tactics to Avoid

In this week’s discussion, you will continue to work on negotiation tactics and strategies, which will help you prepare your draft of subsections B and C of Section V: Negotiation Tactics and Strategies of the final project.

Last week you focused on the contrast principle gambit, which you wrote about in the Module Eight assignment. This week you will expand your focus to include other gambits, which are outlined in the Module Nine overview. These gambits are often helpful in dealing with a hesitant negotiation partner, as well as in other interpersonal discussions when seeking alignment or agreement.

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9-1 Discussion: Negotiation Gambits To Use and Tactics to Avoid
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As you prepare to write this week’s discussion post, first review the article: How to Neutralise Aggressive Negotiators Tactics.

Then, fill out the Negotiation Gambits Chart. Include the following information:
Identify two potential distributive negotiating gambits that Sharon Slade should consider to advance her agenda.
Identify two negotiating tactics that she should avoid during the negotiating session.
Identify specific gambits that would be the most appropriate for advancing your agenda in the negotiation.


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