614 dis 2

Two people were discussing ways in which individuals could improve the quality of life.

One said: “It is obvious that if individuals have as much freedom as possible and the maximum opportunity to develop themselves, the quality of their life will improve as a result.”
The other said: “If individuals are continuously taking care of their fellow human beings, the quality of life will improve for everyone, even if it obstructs individual freedom and individual development.”

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614 dis 2
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Which of the two ways of reasoning do you think is usually best, A or B? Explain why.
Does modernization imply individualism?
Is individualism a corporate requirement?

EACH POST SHOULD BE AT LEAST one PARAGRAPH IN LENGTH (150 words) Quantity is IMPORTANT BUT QUALITY is just as important. NOTE: Wikipedia cannot be used as a source for this class. Also, do not cut and paste from your sources, but read and then put in your own words, this means paraphrase and cite your sources the APA way.

Grading Rubric 
Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric.
Threaded Discussion Grading Rubric
Total Points Possible
Thoroughly answered all of the questions
Responded to at least two classmates in addition to your initial post
Spelling and Grammar is at the college level and reference the text or other material
 Post on three separate days
Total: 50 points


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