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Flexible grouping is one way to differentiate instruction. Grouping students is an effective instructional strategy when it is thoughtful and purposeful, and considers what is best for student learning.
Based on the observations in Clinical Field Experience A, work with the mentor teacher to identify three small groups of students with 2-3 students per group. Create three activities, one for each group, to support phonological/phonemic awareness. Make sure the three activities allow for assessment of the students’ progress or learning from the activity. Obtain feedback on the three activities from the mentor teacher. Incorporate the feedback to finalize the three activities, which will be implemented in Clinical Field Experience C.
Use any remaining field experience hours to assist the teacher in providing instruction and support to the class.
Write a 250-500 word summary of the small group activities, including how each meets the needs of students with exceptionalities. Describe how you can implement what you learned through developing these groupings and activities into your future teaching practice.
APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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540 fe
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