Posted: June 20th, 2021

500 words 3 hrs

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(Cover Letter Sample)Your present addressCity, State, ZipDatePerson’s NameTitleCompanyAddressDear Ms. Jones:FIRST PARAGRAPH:Attract the employer’s interest by briefly touching on your specific interest in the company and/or position. If you have been referred by someone, here is where you mention it. Avoid such stereotypical, overused first sentences as “This is in answer to your advertisement,” or “I am a senior in Psychology at Penn State.” You want to convince the reader that you are interested in them by specifically outlining why you want to work for them and how you would contribute to the organization. MIDDLE PARAGRAPH:Describe your interest in the position, in the field of work, or in the organization. If you have a related class, student activity, volunteer or work experience, be sure to mention pertinent data or accomplishments to show that you have specific qualifications or skills for this particular type of work. Refer to key aspects of the resume which relate to the job or employer, but don’t restate complete sections of the resume.CLOSING PARAGRAPH:Mention your interest in discussing the job in person (i.e., ask for an interview). Express appreciation for being considered and include a statement about your desire to have an interview.Sincerely,  Your typed name

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