Posted: May 18th, 2021

4-page essay on Thomas Jefferson’s character and policies

“Who is Thomas Jefferson? From the paradox of writing “all men are created equal” to owning several hundred human beings …
In the brilliance of the architectural mind to the belief in the superiority of some over others
And the inconsistency of how the new nation should be created and expanded …
Thomas Jefferson proves to be quite the paradox …

 Create YOUR interpretation of this man who carries so many contradictions down through history …

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4-page essay on Thomas Jefferson’s character and policies
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In writing, you need to touch on a variety of topics and issues … I will be grading on how well you can use your own words, as this is not a google search for a cut and paste job … I want your thoughts and looking to see how well you can use the sources I have provided to create your interpretation …
And please do not ask for length/pages/word count … I would write until you feel you have asked all the important questions and painted your view of Mr. Jefferson …”

I think he just wants an essay about Thomas Jefferson’s character and how that influenced his actions. The main things to touch on are 1. slavery 2. views on Native Americans 3. the Lousisana purchase. 

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