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My sister is going to teach Arabic courses in the US if she get accepted in this program. We’re from Saudi Arabia. Please answer these essay questions on her behalf. No plagiarism!!
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Humphrey Fellows are leaders who make contributions in their fields that advance their communities and countries. Please describe how your work addresses the short and long-term needs of your country. Describe how the knowledge and skills you will gain through the Humphrey Fellowship will help you further address your country’s needs. Be as specific as possible.* 1200 characters 

Goals and Program Plan
Humphrey Fellows are required to take initiative to build a program plan by choosing academic and professional experiences that will help them achieve their professional goals. Please describe your professional goals for the next five years, provide details about the academic and professional experiences that you would choose when designing your Humphrey Fellowship, and explain how these experiences will help you achieve your goals.* 2000 characters

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4 Essays
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Public Service
The Humphrey Fellowship focuses on public service and developing leaders who contribute to the greater good. Please describe how you have demonstrated a strong commitment to public service, for example through community engagement, civic involvement, or professional responsibilities.* 1200 characters

Challenge Statement
Describe a problem or challenging situation that you took initiative to resolve. What steps did you take? What was the outcome? Please select an example that illustrates something that you want the review panel to know about your problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, and/or commitment to public service.* 2400 characters 


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