Posted: June 4th, 2021

4-B Looking for Behavioral Complexity and Lift

Answer in APA format , min of 1050 words, must  use refefernce below , can use anyother.  APA papers should always start with a Background or Introduction paragraph and end with a Conclusion paragraph.  

Directions Identify a leader you admire and with whom you are familiar. You may select someone that you know personally or someone you have read about enough to familiarize yourself with her history as a leader.
1. What actions has this person engaged in that suggest she is comfortable using each of the fol- lowing approaches when working with and/or managing others? Try to identify as many differ- ent types of behaviors as you can. ▪ A human relations approach that emphasizes collaboration, commitment, and cohesion?
▪ An internal process approach that emphasizes control and stability? ▪ A rational goal approach that emphasizes competition and productivity? ▪ An open systems approach that emphasizes creativity, change, and adaptability?
2. On the basis of your answers above, does it appear that this person has a large behavioral repertoire and a high level of behavioral complexity?
3. Does working with or reading about this person leave you feeling inspired and energized? If so, can you identify some examples of her actions that are consistent with the four psychological states required to achieve lift? That is, what does this person do to suggest that she is: ▪ Internally directed by a set of core values?
▪ Purpose-centered and intent on achieving extraordinary results? ▪ Externally open, interested in learning, and willing to change? ▪ Other-focused and respectful of people’s needs, feelings, and wants?
 (Quinn 328)

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4-B Looking for Behavioral Complexity and Lift
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Quinn, Robert E., David Bright, Sue Faerman, Michael Thompson, Michael McGrath. Becoming a Master Manager: A Competing Values Approach,  6th Edition. Wiley, 2015-01-05. VitalBook file.

The citation provided is a guideline. Please check each citation for accuracy before use.

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