3 Page Paper – Contemporary International Problems

One Page Per Answer. References need to be used.

1) One of the major problems states have in addressing problems such as transnational crime and cybersecurity is the issue of jurisdiction. Oftentimes, perpetrators are beyond the jurisdiction of the countries in which their crimes are committed. How can states work to resolve this problem? In your answer, outline a plan to help states resolve the issue.
2) A major tension exists between the concepts of sovereignty and humanitarian intervention. In your response, first define what these terms mean and why such tension exists. Then answer the question: under what conditions is a state (or international organization) justified to intervene in another’s affairs? A fully developed answer will include at least one case study as an example.
3) Environmental issues are oftentimes problematic in terms of getting states and people to cooperate and work toward solutions. Why is it particularly difficult with regard to such issues? In what ways do environmental problems affect international security? In your answer, provide at least one example of a current environmental problem, including some background on the problem and a proposal for how it can best be resolved.

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3 Page Paper – Contemporary International Problems
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