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In correctional settings across America, the Risk-Needs- Responsivity (RNR) model is actively used to assess offender security and programmatic needs. James (2018) discussed the Risk and Needs Assessment in the Federal Prison System in great detail. Please read this article using the following link: https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R44087.pdf. Along with his research, as well as the information presented within the textbook, discuss your opinion of the following: 

Considering the eight central risk and needs factors of offenders, use a real-life example (either someone personally known to you or someone that you read about in the news) to discuss whether or not risk and needs assessments should be incorporated into sentencing. 

If you believe that it should be considered when determining an offender’s sentence, describe how the eight central risk and needs assessments could be useful. 

How would that be useful to the offender? 
To the criminal justice system? 
And to society at large? 

If you believe that it should not be included, discuss why incorporating the eight central risk and needs assessments into sentencing would not help the criminal justice system.  

How would it harm the offender? 
The criminal justice system? 
And society at large?  

After posting your comments, respond to at least two other students while explaining whether or not you agree with their views regarding the role of risk assessment in sentencing and rehabilitative interventions.

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