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reply to students response to question in 150 words min . Be sure to answer in detail and refer to specific concepts and provide 1 reference
Pretend your company is about to launch a new product that will be very data intensive. How would the IT management teams make the decision to build an in-house proprietary system or purchase a commercial off-the-shelf system? Given your project, which would be more beneficial?
student response
 The decision to go with in-house proprietary system or purchasing the commercial off the shelf system all depends on the type and needs of the organization. If the project time frame is short the off the shelf software is more favorable and since it is a mass-produced product this results in a lower upfront cost. System support is also already established if any problems arise.Whereas if time is not too constricting and our company wants to meet every requirement that was outlined then an in-house system is more appropriate. Its built to meet the company’s unique needs and will have a competitive advantage over our competitors since it is one thing that they do not have. With our project, it will be beneficial to purchase a commercial off-the-shelf system. Given the unique needs and requirement of our organization, modifications will be required like the Navy ERP system modified from a commercially sold SAP product.

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2-2 nie
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