2-2 dq tenesha

reply to the students’ response and not the question  in 150 words minimum and provide 1 reference. Respond to the students response as though you are talking to them, use name 
      Pick one of Bob Pike’s Laws and comment on it (research his website). . 
Student response
The Bob Pike’s Law that I selected was Law #3: “Learning is Directly Proportional to the amount of fun you have”.  I chose this one because it is key to capture your audience attention and create a fun learning environment where they can feel open and comfortable to listen, learn and retain the information.  I believe a fun atmosphere makes training easier, because it can lighten the mood.  This law states, “we can use the energy, involvement, and participation of our audience to put into their personal learning experiences the excitement they vicariously get from some of their entertainment activities. Humor can aid enormously in reducing stress and anxiety, especially when it comes to learning” (Pike, 2019).  
There is an endless amount of ideas and directions one can go when giving training, as long as one is learning, that’s what its all about.  Regardless of the training method, certain conditions must be present for learning to occur and employees to use what they learned on their jobs (Noe, 2017).  There are a number of key factor that must be in place and fun always makes things more fitting.
Employee Training & Development, Noe, 7th Edition. McGraw-Hill 2017
Pike, B. (2019). Creative Training Techniques | The Bob Pike Group. Retrieved December 5, 2019, from Bobpikegroup.com website: http://bobpikegroup.com

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2-2 dq tenesha
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