12 hours

you need to finish this homework with 12 hours only work your best and you can get some information about good well need 4 pages.
I answer some question you can answer the rest. 

you worked in good well , you will need to write a reflection paper which describes your experience and addresses the following questions in 1000-1500 words. (7 points)

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What was the work about?
My work was organized clothes and take off old clothes.  
Who did you meet that were affected by technological advancement? some coworker but not remember their name 
What prevailing attitudes toward technological changes and innovations did you observe (via policies, culture, verbal/nonverbal communications, behaviors, etc.) in this organization? 
What contemporary HRD issues related to the use and impact of technological advancement did you experience and/or observe?
Were there any ethical considerations associated with technological advancement?
How did you feel to volunteer the work and interact with people from the organization (and community)?


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