Saving Hewlett-Packard
Based on the information from this unit’s readings, answer the following:

Strategy reflects the company’s awareness of: how, when, and where it should compete, against whom it should compete, and for what purposes it should compete. What strategy did Carly Fiorina adopt for HP? In terms of competition, do you think Fiorina made good choices? Frame your answer in the context of HP’s industry, markets, and rivals.
A firm’s president or chief executive officer (CEO) characteristically plays a dominant role in strategic planning at the firm. Explain why this can be desirable in many ways. Also explain what can happen when the dominance of the CEO is overwhelming the strategic decisions. How does this relate to the HP case and Carly Fiorina? What characteristics do you think the board should look for in determining Fiorina’s replacement?

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Your post should be substantive and logical to the questions proposed. Read the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide to learn the discussion participation requirements of this course. In addition, post your work in the text box, not as an attached file. Unless otherwise noted, this is the expectation for all discussions in this course.
Response Guidelines
Read the posts of your peers and respond to two. Provide a substantive and logical response that considers the following:

How are your peer’s opinions similar to yours?
How are they different?
What information do you have that you can share with your peer as it relates to this discussion?


Can anyone save HP?


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